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At The Dogworks, we don’t train dogs - we train the people who love them! Our classes are specially designed to build confidence and success as dogs master skills in a simple, step-by-step process. And we utilise only the best positive dog training methods, which your whole family can easily master and embrace. You will be actively engaged in your dog’s training, working as a team as you learn to communicate more effectively with your dog and build a better bond. We have lots of classes and workshops from structured 'life skills' classes and workshops to fun scent games, tricks and specialised courses.
Our classes are recommended by vets!

​Take a look at some  of the training options below or get in touch for some advice on which program would suit you and your dog best.

Pet Dog Ambassador Program

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I​​​​n our training classes at The Dogworks, we train using the Pet Dog Ambassador Program from The Pet Professional Guild. This program offers dog owners a varied schedule of activities and knowledge to work their way through at 5 levels, starting with Puppy at Level 1.

The Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) is a new program for dog owners to test their knowledge, skills and  ability to manage their canine companion in real life settings. The aim of the program is to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that owners and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable. The program recognises this team effort from a puppy’s very early training. 

To start this programme you need to enroll yourself and your dog online*, complete a health check form and take an online quiz.  You are then ready to start the training and be assessed by your trainer. You can find out more about Pet Dog Ambassador or join the program by clicking on the logo on the right. To join a class, click on the 'register' button below. Please remember to check availability here before signing up to any of our classes.

*The current fee to register with PPG is around £3.00

  1. Level 3 - Intermediate
    Level 3 - Intermediate
    Level 3 is a more advanced course which builds further on the dogs’ and Guardians’ skills learned in Level 2. During the 8 week course we'll cover new and more advanced behaviours using games to build focus and training techniques such as shaping as well as learning the basics of scent work and clicker training. Some of the behaviours covered include more advanced obedience work such as send away, STOP at a distance, out of sight stays, multiple recalls, fun obstacles, scent work, distance control and more. Prerequisites: Dogs must have attended and passed Level 2 or similar or consent of instructor. Cost: £95 Next class: Tues 1 May
  2. Level 2 - Beginners
    Level 2 - Beginners
    This 8 week beginners class is designed to help you and your dog learn and practice basic training like sit, come, down, etc. We’ll focus special attention on good manners like not jumping up and walking nicely on the lead. You will learn all the basics for getting – and keeping your dog’s attention, even in distracting environments. We incorporate games and challenges to help make obedience less of a chore and much more fun. This class is an essential must-do for all dog owners and is suitable for all ages, (and dogs are never too old to get their brains and bodies working!) Part of the course also includes some theory where you will learn a lot about your relationship with your dog and how dogs learn. Prerequisites: For dogs six months and up regardless of whether they've had any previous training . Cost: £95 Next class: Mon 2 July
  3. Level 1 - Puppy School
    Level 1 - Puppy School
    Start off on the right paw, learning age-appropriate behaviours in a fun, relaxed environment, designed to introduce your puppy to basic skills that will set the foundations for later learning. During the 6 week course we’ll focus on getting your pup’s attention, sit, down, stay, and polite greetings. We tackle common problem puppy behaviours like jumping, nipping and mouthing, and begin work on loose-leash walking and coming when called. We'll also give your puppy some playtime when they can learn those valuable social skills needed to grow into a well rounded adult dog. ​Includes weekly handouts and a free Puppy Gift Pack. ​Prerequisites: For puppies two to eight months old ​Cost: £80 Next class: Sat 16 June
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"Karen is a truly amazing dog trainer. Her knowledge is vast and covers not just behaviour but also nutrition. The two of which are often linked but overlooked. Having just re-homed a new dog Karen’s support and advice has been invaluable."

Richard, Sascha & Rudi
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Fun Classes for Adult Dogs

While we know that formal classes and practical training is important, we also know that sometimes you have to let loose and just have some fun! The Dogworks also offers a diverse set of training classes that teach your dog exciting new behaviours in avenues that are inspired by the different dog sports and games out there. Many of our students enroll in these types of classes to supplement their weekly classes, just for the fun of it! Feel free to check them out and ask us what we think might be a good fit! These are classes that anyone can succeed at.
To join a class, just click on the 'sign up here' button but please remember to check the availability before signing up. You can do that here
    RECALL MASTERCLASS A 4 week course aimed at showing you how to teach your dog to come back when called. A good recall can be a life saving behaviour to teach your dog, not only that is great to be able to let them off and watch them run and play with other dogs when you're out and about, but it is vital your dog come back to you when you ask it to. This course will guide you through the process of 'proofing' your dog's recall in different environments and with various distractions. Please note - most of this course is outdoors so appropriate clothing will be needed! Prerequisites: for any dog over the age of 9 months Cost: £65 Next class: TBC
    TRICKS TRAINING This is a 4 week course where you'll learn to teach your dog some awesome tricks as well as giving your dog vital mental stimulation and getting his brain working. It's amazing how quickly dogs pick things up - if we know how to teach them correctly. And in doing so you can improve your dogs flexibility, focus and show off to your friends! From simple tricks such as spin/twist to advance tricks -such as putting your toys away and recognising shapes and numbers, we'll cover a whole array of new behaviours. Prerequisites: This class requires some basic knowledge and previous training. Dogs must be over 9 months Cost: £65 Next class: Mon 9 April
    FUN SCENT GAMES FOR DOGS A 4 week course during which you and your dog will learn the basics of scent work. Providing physical and mental exercise for our dogs is the best way to keep them happy and healthy. It also helps to decrease or eliminate problem behaviour. Dogs have amazing noses and live in a chemical world. While humans primarily use their eyes to gather information, our dog friends use their noses. Scent Games tap into a dog's natural instinct to hunt. Motivation comes from the dog's innate hunting instinct and the food or toy reward the dog receives for finding the source of odour. Starting with the first class, your dog will successfully search and find hidden food rewards. Prerequisites: No prior skills needed, although your dog needs to know the basics and must be over 9 months old Cost: £70 Next course: TBC
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"Karen and co are fantastic. My loveable lab went here for classes to learn how to concentrate in distracting surroundings (she finds other people and dogs super exciting!!) and she is doing so much better. I've put into practice all the advice and I can see the difference bit by bit."

Rebekka & Molly