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Focus on Safety

Individual Attention for your dog

We love dogs as much as anyone, but love alone isn’t enough to keep dogs safe and happy. That’s why our team are experienced, professional dog trainers, allowing us to keep an eye on body language, step in well before conflicts start, and make sure your dog’s playmates are a perfect match.
Because we get to know all of the DW dogs, you can be sure  every friend your dog makes here has met our standards for polite, safe play. Add experienced staff actively overseeing all play and you’ve got a great recipe for safety.
Our high staff-to-dog ratio means we knows every DW dog inside and out—and that means customising the perfect daily experience for every one of our guests.
For many dog parents, leaving their fur-kid for the first time can be a stressful experience. The Dogworks team goes the extra mile to make it as smooth as possible. We’ll care for your dog as if it's our own and ensure they have the most exciting day ever!
Doggy daycare should be more than just a place to leave your dog when you’re unable to be with them.  At The Dogworks, we treat your dog to fun-filled days of socialising with other dogs, interacting with our our team, exercising and burning off plenty of energy. You’ll no longer feel guilty about not having enough time or energy to play with your dog after a long day at work because at the end of every day, you’ll pick up a perfectly happy (and played out) pooch.

Regular playtime with other dogs has a number of benefits, including:

  • Being more social around dogs and people
  • Staying physically fit. Pet obesity is a growing concern in the UK and current research shows up to 70% of dogs are overweight
  • Learning good behaviour, leading to less mischief at home

Our daycare facility includes 2 spacious, heated playrooms that are 100% fully supervised. Our playrooms are grouped by size and personality to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable. We have strict protocols for admission and before staying with us, we'll meet with your dog to ensure they will be a good fit and happy to be with us. We focus on the welfare of the dogs in our care, and numbers at daycare are limited to small groups - for us it's all about the quality of care rather than the numbers!​​​​

Our playroom floors are specially designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. Our non-slip floor is safe easy to sanitise and makes for happy paws and happy pups. Our Puppy Playroom has 5mm thick compressed foam flooring to protect little paws.

We don't have any fences between our rooms - instead we like to have walls to provide a more relaxing environment for our guests, since the sight of other dogs between rooms may lead to un-necessary frustration and anxiety.

We know structure is important for your dog’s development. Here’s a typical day at doggy daycare:
Opening – midday: Supervised play time which includes romping, frolicking, sniffing and fun with their BFFFs (best furry friends forever).
12 pm – 2 pm: Dogs are taken for a toilet break followed by some well-deserved rest time and lunchtime for puppies
2 pm – Closing:  School time with interactive toys for building brain power and a bit of training and learning with our team. 
4pm onwards: Parents can pick up a tired and calm dog, or we can drop them off at home* for a well earned snooze until you return.​​

​Daycare rates start at £16 per day.

​*pick up and drop off is dependent on location and availability and may incur a small charge.​

If you'd  like to register your dog for Doggy Daycare with us then click on the box on the right and follow the instructions.  You will then be invited for a free short taster session where your pup will be assessed by one of our team for suitability.

​*Antisocial Behaviour
​For the safety of your pets, only well behaved dogs are admitted to our daycare. Jumping up, fighting, excessive barking and aggression is not permitted and any dogs displaying this sort of behaviour will be excluded.​​


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