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In Home Training

Results that will last a lifetime!

The Dogworks' easy-to-learn methods often require little homework, as training is incorporated into your daily routine. Often a simple change in the dog/human relationship can be enough to stop unwanted behaviours.

Creating an environment for success is a key component for any training. Having a trainer in your home ensures the training really fits your dog’s personality as well as your goals. 
In home training is customised to your dog’s breed, age, and temperament. You’ll learn how to work with everyone in your home, including visitors, guests, and people too young or otherwise not able to participate.

In most cases, 2-4 In Home visits are all it takes to get the results you are looking for. Drop us a message now for a free 10 minute telephone consultation and start the process of getting the dog you’ve always wanted!

In Home Training - Initial Consultation (2 hours)

Initial Behavioural Consultation is a 2 hour visit. We work together to understand your goals and dog’s needs, and create a customised training plan based on your dog’s breed and temperament. Training plans include the most effective ways to quickly teach obedience, but also, how to stop behaviour problems using our proven methods.
Initial Consultation Includes: 

  • 2 Hour Behaviour Consultation and Temperament Evaluation
  • Customised Training Plan for you and your dog
  • Printed Handouts / Solutions / Games 
  • Online access to all of The Dogworks' Training Resources
  • Membership to our exclusive online Training Group

*Please schedule at least 2 hours for the initial appointment.

Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits typically last an hour. These hands-on sessions reinforce lessons and teach you how and when to implement different training options.
Follow-up Visits allow for training plans to be modified and improved upon as your dog learns. Includes personal coaching and more advanced training strategies, new techniques, extra time to review and practice important hands-on skills.

Monthly Training Programs

1 Month Program - £150
Includes 2 In-Home Visits - the Initial Consultation and 1 Follow up visit to help you and your new dog get off to a healthy start. Early intervention training not only improves the human-dog bond but also help prevent many stubborn dog behaviours before they become hard-to-change habits.

2 Month Program - £200
Includes 3 In-Home Visits from your trainer - Initial Consultation, customised training plan, and 2 Follow-up visits.

3 Month Program (PRO DOG) - £250
This is our most popular package and includes 4 In-Home Visits from your trainer - Initial Consultation, customised training plan, and 3 Follow-up visits to ensure training sticks! Knowing your trainer is coming back ensures results by motivating everyone in the household to keep focused on dog training.

6 Month Program (ULTIMATE DOG) - £400
A total of 7 In-Home Visits - Initial Consultation, customised training plan, and 6 Follow-up visits. This package is perfect for people who know they want extra help training their dog. Monthly visits for 6 months ensure consistency and follow through to make sure you meet and exceed your training goals.

The Dogworks can help with: Excessive barking, begging, play biting, jumping-up, table surfing, destructive behaviours, chewing, digging and separation anxiety, demand behaviours, house training, puppy training.

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