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Puppy Academy

The Perfect Solution for busy Puppy Parents
You already had plenty to do - life is busy; we understand exactly what it can be like
Now you've got a puppy - and your puppy has sharp teeth, a tiny bladder and endless amounts of energy
We can help! Enrol your puppy in our Puppy Academy and we'll do all the hard work for you!

The Dogworks Puppy Academy is a unique combination of daycare and training—perfect for busy puppy parents who want a calmer, trained puppy without all the work.

  1. Professional Instructors
    Our certified, experienced professional trainers oversee each puppy pupil’s day to make sure our program is personalised to your puppy’s personality and your training goals.
  2. Socialisation skills
    Our priority is to provide positive socialisation experiences and puppies play with each other and carefully selected adult dogs. All interactions are closely supervised to ensure your puppy learns to greet others nicely
  3. Peace of Mind for You
    Instead of coming home to chewed furniture or soiled carpets, you can rest assured your puppy will be spending the day in safe hands; meaning less undesirable behaviour too when you get home at the end of the day
  4. Proven Curriculum
    Our curriculum focuses on on the same program as we teach in our classes and includes basic manners such as sit, down, coming when called, walking on the leash, enjoying grooming, self control around food and toys and politely greeting people. We'll make sure your puppy is the most well-mannered puppy in the neighbourhood!
  5. Age-Appropriate nap time
    Puppies are like children and they need their rest. An over-tired pup can be a nightmare so we break up the day with plenty of quiet time and naps so your puppy stays well rested and pleasant to be around.
  6. Training Support just an e-mail away
    You'll be able to email any dog-related questions to our training staff and get a fast, thorough response.
  7. Plenty of love
    This one is fairly self-explanatory!
  8. Group Play & Confidence Building
    Game play promotes interacting with other dogs and people, and helps sharpen listening skills and social behaviour. We use play to build confidence, and trust and to strengthen basic training which helps puppies to learn how to use their minds in different ways.

Puppy Academy program: £450
4 weeks of school, 2 full days per week

Enrol Your Puppy Now!
Space in our program is limited, and we frequently have a waiting list. If possible, we recommend scheduling an induction before you bring your puppy home. If you already have your puppy, don't delay! 

Your puppy’s tuition includes:
  • a 1 hour induction where you'll meet the team and see how it all works
  • 4 scheduled weeks of attendance, 2 days a week
  • Individual tuition from a qualified trainer
  • 2 Parent/Teacher meetings where you will learn about your puppy’s new skills
  • Puppy playtime in daycare is part of every school day
  • FREE copy of Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy by IMDT founder, Steve Mann
Eligible age groups:
Your puppy may begin at The Academy between the ages of 10 weeks and 6 months of age.

Pick-up and Drop-off times:
Your puppy should arrive for class between 8am and 9am.
The end-of-day bell rings between 4pm and 5pm.

You can read more about what happens in a typical day by clicking here

To enrol your puppy in Puppy Academy and book your induction, just click on the button on the right and complete the application form

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  1. What are the hours for Puppy Academy?
    The Puppy Academy school day starts with drop off between 8am and 9am and finishes with pick ups between 4pm and 5pm.
  2. How much does it cost?
    Puppy Academy isn't the same as daycare. Our program is staffed by professional dog trainers, and the primary focus is training, not playtime. Enrolling your puppy with us is an investment in your dog's future behaviour.
  3. How do I get started?
    If you are ready to get started, you can book an induction online. When you come to your induction, bring your puppy and a list of goals for your training. Ask yourself and your family members: what do we want to be able to do with our dog when training is complete? What behaviours do we need help with right away? Write it down (post-it notes are encouraged!) and we'll chat about it all during the induction.
  4. What happens in the induction?
    Your induction will take approximately an hour. We'll start by double-checking your contact details and getting emergency contact information. Then, we'll go through a questionnaire to learn more about what your puppy's daily routine is like, what you're feeding them and how often, what they've learned so far, and what your goals are for the future. We'll then help you determine when your puppy can start in our program.
  5. How can I be involved in my puppy's training?
    We require our puppy parents to be involved in the process of training their puppies. You'll be required to attend two Parent/Teacher conferences where you will learn about your puppy’s new skills and how to continue the training at home.
  6. What will my puppy learn at Puppy Academy?
    Your puppy will learn the same foundation skills we teach in our top-notch Puppy School classes, including sit, down, stay, come when called and the beginning of polite leash walking. Your puppy will also socialise with other puppies and polite adult dogs to learn good social skills and habits.