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How does it work?

The Puppy Academy is the ultimate training experience for you and your puppy!​

Based on a school-like schedule and structure, we shape puppies into well-mannered members of the family by helping to train puppies for their owners.

Our goal is to relieve the stress of puppyhood from new puppy owners by offering exceptional support and training services that take away the time-consuming burden of traditional training methods, while simultaneously building owners’ confidence in their ability to manage their pup at home and in public with ease. 

Our innovative Puppy Academy  combines the best of daycare and dog training to create a jumpstart program for puppies from 12 weeks to 6 months of age.

Training Topics

​The Puppy Academy is designed to help you out with all the basics to get you through puppyhood and beyond! You will be surrounded by our team of puppy experts here to help guide you at all times. Our training areas include:

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Come, settle, Leave It, Drop It 
  • Crate Training
  • Leash and Walking manners
  • Nipping and Bite Inhibition 
  • No Jumping
  • Socialisation
  • Recall 
  • Distractions
  • Food manners including waiting for food and water bowls
  • Desensitisation and exposure training with loud noises and common household appliances
  • Grooming and handling Training

Enrol your puppy now!

Space in our program is limited, and we frequently have a waiting list. We recommend you enrol your puppy as soon as you bring them home! 

Book your induction by clicking on the box below and completing the application form. 

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