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Rescue Dog Program - £265 (3 months)

Rehoming a rescue dog can be hugely rewarding, however entering a new home can be stressful for a new dog especially if they have been in rescue for a long time.
We will advise you how settle your new dog in whilst also looking at ways to bond with your new dog to set you both up for success. We will discuss routines and training plans and give you relationship building exercises to strengthen that bond between you whilst also troubleshooting any basic issues you may be having.

Rescue dog Program consist of an initial home consultation and a chat about what you know about your new dog’s previous experiences and behaviour. We'll then discuss your priorities for training and devise a realistic plan for making good progress in the right direction and schedule your subsequent In Home visits. Additional visits can be arranged if further help is needed.

The aim of this program is to provide support and guidance as your new dog settles into your family, we can address problems as they come up and make sure the dog is making good progress on the things you are already working on with them. Bringing a new dog into your family can be fairly tiring both emotionally and physically, so the additional support aims to give you that extra reassurance on where you are heading and how you are doing.

  • 90 minute initial consultation and evaluation
  • 3 In Home visits*
  • Customised Training & Rehabilitation Plan for you and your dog
  • Printed Handouts / Solutions / Games 
  • Electronic access to all of The Dogworks' Training Resources
  • Membership to our online Training Group
  • 3 months online and telephone support

*This program of training requires a minimum of one visit every 2 weeks which must be used in 6 weeks. Additional follow up sessions can be arranged at a discounted rate of £65 per session

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